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Going on a citytrip to London soon, to see talks presented by some of the worlds leading VFX studios.


I’m really excited to be attending this year’s IAMAG Master Classes in Paris!

March 18 @ 8:00 amMarch 20 @ 10:00 pm


iamag website

I was proud to be the on-set VFX- and in-house CG-supervisor for the show. We had a great team to create the VFX for the movie ‘Admiral’ (in Dutch called ‘Michiel de Ruyter’).

This is the breakdown of some of the VFX work we did at GRID.

Together with SX, I designed and created the images for this music video, based on the idea and screenplay written by SX and myself.

What follows in this 5 minutes long music video, is their ‘journey to the horizon’. Shot entirely on green key, composited in a fully digital world.

The music video was nominated for ‘Best Video’ for the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards of 2013.